Study Tips for Success

I have been a student all my life be it formally or informally. Formally, I attended 6 years of primary education and four years of secondary education. Beyond that I did four years of teacher education and in all these areas i have come out tops all the time. People would always ask what my secret was as I didn’t seem to strive to remember things. I share some of those guidelines with you in this article.

Study tips

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Create a calendar for study – don’t just study the subjects you like only. A calendar will help you keep a balance on which areas you may have overlooked. I would recommend that those areas that are weak and of little interest to you are the very areas that require your attention more.

Be diligent and disciplined to follow the calendar – Always exercise discipline to follow through what you commit to. Success in study comes out of discipline to follow your set goals. Success is not automated but a result of intentionality on the one studying.

Join a study group – It is interesting how when you share ideas about a subject it opens your mind up to things you didn’t see before. I remember during my O Levels I had three other colleagues where we tasked each other to research on topics and present to the others when ready. Friends challenged me to gather information and dig deeper on subjects. I always presented on Chemistry subjects while my friends worked more on Physics and Biology. The three of us had excellent results in Sciences, mostly distinctions even in subjects that were self taught.

Join a library – It is one of the least expensive things to do. A library environment encourages studying and gives you the focus you need. When you are around other people who are studying then you feel at home.

Revise and rehearse – Go through material you learned in class and any related material. Most importantly see if you can practice what you have learned in class. The more you practice in reality, the more it sinks in your own mind. Revising boosts your confidence in the exam.

Collect Past Exam papers – This is the best way to get a flair of the kind of questions that are asked in an exam. Try and time yourself and answer the same questions. Get someone to supervise and mark your work. Before long you will feel ready for the exam.

Create order in your study – When there is confusion, it will take you longer to locate information in your own room. Always arrange books in order and in a way that enables you to access them easily. When there is litter and disorder in the study room, it is easy to feel fatigued and your mind may not concentrate on study.

Eliminate sounds that disturb – The ringing of a phone, the playing of a song can hinder the study process. I know some people prefer to hear soft music as they study. Individuals differ. Music has a tendency however to steal your time and focus. Create the atmosphere you best work under.

Get guidance on authors and books to read – not every book is necessary for the things you are studying. You tutor or lecturer is usually more than willing to give you a set of recommended books to study. Do not waste time on books that are not necessary for your course of area of study.

Create a passion for learning – You will not enjoy studying if you have no direct passion to do so. You must find in you that hunger for knowledge and quest for understanding. It is this passion that will propel you to hunt for books and read them passionately

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